An in depth look at my obsession with film and TV. If you like my original reviews, feedback is appreciated.
(P.S. I do not own any gifs or photos I use in my original reviews. All photos I find through search engines. I do not make money off of it and I hope no one gets offended that I don't use citations.)
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To Tumblrs: WATCH THIS MOVIE! It’s not expensive, just go out and buy it.

To Kirsten Dunst: How can you make a wonderful film suck so much? You didn’t really do it with this film because the film was so good, but you usually do. Please take acting lessons, or maybe voice lessons to make your voice sound believable.

To Jim Sturgess: Love you, baby. Just stay classy. Keep doing terrific work and I will continue to love you.

To Timothy Spall: Get back to work, sir. Quit taking so many long breaks. I want to see you more.

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